Tech Tip Tuesday: New Google Slides Update

Google Slides recently updated to offer some new robust tools that might just come in handy and make your presentation even that much more professional.

First, Google has integrated Google Keep into Slides. This is a fantastic addition. I wrote about what you can do with Google Keep and Google Docs before. This will add the same features to Slides and open the possibility for conducting research in a more meaningful manner while designing presentations.

Second, Google now lets you link and sync slides from multiple presentations with the click of a button. This allows you to maintain a single source of truth and easily update linked slides to match the source. This is awesome if you continually update presentations.

Third, there are SO many new add-ons that you can attach to Slides. You can get images with the Adobe Stock or Unsplash Photo add-ons! There is an AWESOME Pear Deck add-on that lets you add question types to an existing Google Slide presentation or present the presentation with Pear Deck from your Google Drive. Looking for more icons? There is even an icon add-on to add hundreds of new icons to your created slides.

Finally, there is an updated toolbar look, the ability to insert diagrams (even from Lucidchart), and a new grid view for how you access and change your slide layout/order.

You should already see these changes on your personal gmail account. Look for these to roll out soon throughout the district.



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