Tech Tip Tuesday:

tech-tip-tuesday is a great online “brainstorming” or “bubble” tool that makes for a great way for students to generate ideas and share complex information. lets users create “bubble” that are posted to a board with text, images, or links.  Further, with Coggle, users can connect these “thoughts” to others to make connections. Simply go to, select sign up here, then use the Google single sign-in to register.

Taking a page out of Google’s platform, some other great features include being able to collaborate live on a document, leave comments, managing the public or private share settings, and being able to present the information in a fullscreen mode OR download and print it. I also like that your participants do not need a login to join the room. Finally, I like that simply saves your information as you go!

I used to create a map of the 4 C’s and the various edtech tools that are out there and where they fall in these 4 categories.  So what if …

  • Students made text-text, text-world, text-self connections during reading?
  • Students researched their lineage to create a family tree?
  • Teachers collaborated on a as part of evidence during a PLC?
  • Teachers documented evidence/examples as part of an ongoing SGO?
  • Students selected a topic of study to analyze during a reading and mapped the progression throughout the text?
  • Students created a mindmap as part of a social media campaign along with infographics, etc?
  • Students created a sociogram- a graphic organizer that maps relationships between people and can connections – both obvious and subtle? Perfect for a History or English class.

Hope this helps!



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