Tech Tip Tuesday: Draftback


There is a pretty cool Google Chrome extension called Draftback.  One you install it, it will automatically attach itself to your Google Docs in the top right corner of the window. When you open it on a Google Doc that has been typed in or shared with you, it will document the number of revisions that have taken place on that document.

But here is where it gets fancy- When you click on the Draftback button in the Google Docs window, it will begin auto rendering every revision that has taken place on that Google Doc. Once it is finished, click on the view button. Draftback will begin replaying every keystroke that has been typed in the document. This makes for a really great tool to help gauge student authenticity when writing and submitting work, as well as getting a glimpse into HOW the students compose their written assignments.

However, I could see this being used in other ways as well. So what if…

  • You and your student watch the revisions as they occur and note the errors as they are happening in real-time, on a collaborative document together.
  • You could show and explain to parents exactly HOW their child is doing with writing or exactly HOW many revisions they have made (if any).
  • You show your own writing to the class and discuss the corrections and edits you have made while writing and WHY.
  • You had your students conduct a Draftback on their own written work and document/track the revisions/errors/confusions.

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