Tech Tip Tuesday: Using Print Friendly


If you’re like me, there always comes a time when you want to print something from the web and the version you print, just isn’t what you expected. You get more pages than you expected. The layout is off. You printed an image of a youtube video along with the comments. Luckily, there is an easy fix.

There is a Google Chrome extension called Print Friendly and PDF. All you have to do is add the Chrome extension to your browser, by going to the link above. Next, after finding the website or article from the web that you would like to print, simply click on the extension (green printer icon). The program will load the web page/article that you were on in a more “printer friendly” version. From here you can remove ads, remove navigation, and anything else that is unwanted just by clicking on the things in the document viewer. You could also remove entire paragraphs. This is perfect for those long articles that students may not need to read in their entirety. Another bonus? You can increase font size, convert the web page/ article to PDF, and or share it out via email.

Hope this helps!


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