Tech Tip Tuesday:

tech-tip-tuesday is a great tool that will help you AND your students when using video instruction inside and outside of the classroom. Simply, affords students the opportunity to watch a video in one-half of the screen and take notes in a simple text box in the other half of the screen. What is really cool about this program is that as students take notes while the video is playing, synchronizes their notes with the video, timestamping each individual note with a link. For example…

If student A is watching a Youtube video about The Valley of Ashes (from Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby) and notes something important at 1:40 of the video- will “timestamp” the note they are creating with the time of the video. If they click on the note they created, it will play that section of the video and highlight their note. Even cooler- syncs with Google Drive. Students can simply go to (that’s the URL) and select “connect to Google Drive”, and it will create a folder in their Drive. They paste the video into the URL search bar at the top and will find the video and load it up. Then they get to work. Once finished, students can save the notes they took (it automatically saves to their drive folder) and then share it out as well ( follows the same sharing procedures as Google ).

There is also a app found here. Install this, and you and your students will be able to create/use from directly in their Google Drive. From Drive click “new’ –> “more” –> then find in the list.

This tool is another great way to track student work on flipped videos/lessons. And, as much as I like it for students, it’s useful from the teacher side when previewing a video you plan to show to the students and take your own notes.


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