Tech Tip Tuesday: New Google Keep Integration


Google recently updated its Google Keep app and integrated it into Google Docs. If you don’t know what Google Keep is- Keep is a note-taking app built as part of the Google Suite. Unfortunately, it often goes unused as most do not know it is even there, let alone what they can do with it. Users can use keep to take notes, built “to-do” lists, find and save sources/links, archive information, and transfer little notes between your cell phone and your desktop using the Keep App for IOS or Android

But what about when it comes to writing? With Google Keeps recent update, users can pull information from their Keep notes directly into a Google Doc! Since keep is set up like digital “sticky notes”, imagine using this during research. To start off, make sure you also download and install the Google Keep Chrome Extension. This will add Keep directly to your Chrome Web Browser. You (or your students) can be conducting research. As they find useful sites/links and note important information they can click on this Keep extension as seen below. For my example, let’s say I’m researching Bora Bora…


Notice above, that my Keep extension is marked by the lightbulb symbol. In my research, if I came across something useful I could click the extension. Once you click on it, the Keep tab will open. See below:


Notice how Keep recognizes the site you are currently on and saves the link information. From here I can title my note and write some information while Google autosaves it. Next, I open Google Docs, click “tools” –> “Keep Notepad”, and the Keep tab will open. See below:


Keep automatically finds ALL of my sticky notes from my research, along with their respective links and my notes. A simple click on a note and drag over to the Google Doc will drop my note right into my Doc. Click the “menu” option next to the notes (marked by the 3 dots) and select “Open in Keep”, will open a tab in your browser and bring you to the full featured Keep App. Here you can color code notes, rearrange them in a particular order, share it, and add images. See below:

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 12.04.29 PM

Have your students try this out the next time they are conducting research or compiling resources/links! Hope this helps.

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