Tech Tip Tuesday: Fun With Google Search


We all know Google can do some pretty amazing things, but even Google Search has some tricks up its sleeve.

Go to to bring up the Google Search page, then try any of the following “tricks” followed by clicking the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button to see something cool happen or… pass some time: ** Do not click on the auto-phrase complete as it may not work!

  1. Calculator: Type the word “calculator” and Google will bring up a simple calculator that works right in the Google browser.
  2. Set Timer: Type the words “set timer” followed by the time you want (ex. 5 seconds) and Google will bring up a timer and count down for you!
  3. Flip a Coin: Type the words “flip a coin” and Google will flip a virtual coin for you!
  4. Song + Lyrics: Type in the name of a song followed by the word “lyrics” and Google will bring up the whole lyrics for you without having to enter a site!
  5. Do a Barrel Roll: Type in the words “do a barrel roll” and see what Google does!
  6. What is the Loneliest Number: Type in the words “what is the loneliest number” and watch Google’s answer!
  7. Google Pacman: Type in the words “google Pacman” and play Pacman right in the browser!
  8. Do a Tilt: Type in the words “do a tilt” and see your browser change!
  9. Google Gravity: Type in the words “Google gravity” and watch your browser fall apart. Then click and hold on any “block” on the screen, then drag and release to see it fly!
  10. Google Sphere: Type in the words “Google sphere” and watch your browser change. Then start moving your mouse to see the effect take place!
  11. Google Atari Breakout: Type in the words “Google Atari Breakout” and play this old-school game!
  12. Google Underwater: Type in the words “Google underwater” to do a web search on the ocean floor!
  13. Google Guitar: Type in the words “Google guitar” to bring up a guitar right in your browser. Move your cursor over the guitar to play music. Click the record icon to record what you play, then play it back.
  14. Google Mirror: Type in the words “Google mirror” to flip your web browser view!
  15. Google Snake Game: Type in the words “Google snake game” bring up the game snake in the browser. Click on the moving snake to see a “coin” drop. Press the “coin”/play symbol to start playing!
  16. The Answer to Life the Universe and Everything: Type in the words “the answer to life the universe and everything” to get Google’s answer.
  17. Google Pirate / Google Klingon/ Google Elmer Fudd: Type in the words “Google Klingon” or “Google Pirate” or “Google Elmer Fudd” to get these different… languages?
  18. Goglogo: Type in the words “goglogo” to create your own Google logo!

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