Tech Tip Tuesday: Insert Google Drive Videos into Slides


One of the cool features wth Google Slides, is the ease with which you can insert and embed video into a presentation from Youtube. Google has now taken it a step further and allows you to insert and embed video from your Google Drive! Here’s how to do this:

Open up Google Slides. Next, click on the “insert” tab at the top –> then “video”. This is the same way you would insert and embed Youtube videos into a presentation. Once the window opens, you will see that you have the option to insert a video from Youtube, by a Youtube URL, or the new “Google Drive” option. Click that–> then decide whether the video is in “My Drive”, “Shared With Me”, or “Recent” (these are the same folders that appear when you are in your Google Drive.

Select the video, and it will be inserted in your presentation. To adjust the video settings, right click on the video to open the video panel.

Pro Tip: Why not crowdsource student projects using Google Slides? You could create a Google Slide presentation and open the share settings to anyone with the link can edit, then share that out with your class/students. As the teacher, create a template on slide 1 that you would like the rest of your students/class to follow. Then have each student/group copy the template to their own slide in your presentation, enter their information, and then insert a video of their project/activity/video log/ etc. into the slide. Students can then see every other group’s work and comment!

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