Tech Tip Tuesday: Book Me Using


When looking to book time with me, please use my link, which can be accessed here. This link will bring you to my personal booking calendar- feel free to bookmark it if you’d like. You can always use the Booke Me page on this site as well, which will bring you to the link. 

After using this page ( to schedule a time with me, it will send you a confirmation email, and send me an email notification signifying your submission/booking. I will look it over to verify there are no conflicts and reconfirm with you.

Please note: When scheduling an appointment, please make sure to mark the room number/ meeting location, and a brief description of what we will be doing or what you’d like me to cover. I am available to meet and chat, lesson/unit plan, help you integrate technology, help give an overview/tutorial to your class about a tech tool, or co-teach with you should you choose.

Hope to see more bookings using this system!

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