Tech Tip Tuesday: Video Conferencing in Schoology with BigBlueButton


Check out the BigBlueButton Conferencing app in Schoology! This app is similar to GotoMeeting, Skype, and Google Hangouts, in that in gives you the opportunity to schedule video conferences with your students and take advantage of some neat features, such as:

  • Interactive White-board
  • Integrated Voice over
  • Presentation mode
  • Webcam sharing (similar to Skype/Google Hangouts/Facetime etc.)

This makes for a great safe way to video conference with students on snow days, before a major test, extend office hours, and offer extra help!

To access this app simply: Go to the “App Center” in Schoology –> find BigBlueButton Conference and select it–> click to “Install App”–> then select the courses you would like to add it to by checking off the boxes. Once you do that click “Install”. To see it in action, now select one of the courses you attached it to –> then in the left navigation bar find and select the BigBlueButton app. To start a video conference after selecting the app, click “create new conference” –> enter a conference name and/or a start time and end time –> click “create”. The conference will be created and show up in a list. Click “start conference” next to the title you created to jump in the conference room. Once there, it will ask you how you want join (by selecting either microphone or listen only). Note though: you can turn your microphone on or off at any time! You can share your screen, upload presentations, facetime/video chat, and record the session.

Hope you see some value in this neat add-on to Schoology!

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