Tech Tip Tuesday: Using Canned Responses in GMail


Want a quicker way to send out the same (or similar) email you consistently find yourself sending out? This little tool will save you A LOT of time. No more copying and pasting over and over.

First, you need to get the tool. Go to your Gmail –> click the gear icon to access your settings –> then click the tab called “labs.”

Once you’re in, find the lab called “Canned Responses.” Click/check it to tell it to enable –> then scroll to the bottom to save changes.

Now act as though you are going to compose an email. Click compose, then begin entering all the information you want to send/create as a canned response. At the bottom of the compose email window, click on the little drop-down arrow to open some extra options.Take a look at the image that follows:


Once you are done with composing your message template that you use consistently, select the drop-down arrow mentioned/shown above and then select “Canned Responses”–> “New Canned Response.” Title the Canned Response you just created and voila! You just saved a canned response.

Now, go to compose a new email but instead of typing, select the drop-down arrow as mentioned above –> select Canned Responses –> then under insert¬†select the title of the Canned Response you previously just made. Canned Responses will paste the entire template email you composed into the message box, along with a subject line! Just add your recipients and send it on its way!

Pro-Tip: Just note: if you use an email signature, canned responses will copy that as well so make sure you email is blank when creating a canned response.

Hope this helps!

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