Tech Tip Tuesday: Autograde Google Forms with Flubaroo


This tip is brought to you by Josephine Kelly as I forgot about this tool and the possibilities it offers until she asked whether or not there is a way to auto-grade short answer responses, spelling questions, or fill-ins using Google Forms. You can do all of this with a Google add-on called Flubaroo!

First, you need to get Flubaroo. In order to do so, go to the Google Chrome Web Store (or click the link here) and search for Flubaroo. Tell Google to add it. Flubaroo is a Google Sheets add-on, yet, most of what we will be doing will be within Google Forms.
Next, open your created Google Form assessment. Please Note: You do NOT have to activate the setting to turn the Google Form into a quiz. Flubaroo can do this by itself.
In your Google Form select “responses” –> then select the green sheet icon to create a spreadsheet. A pop-up will ask whether to “create a new” or “select an existing”. Choose “Create a New.”
The new Google Sheet, which is linked directly to your Google Form, will be created. Now, find the “Flubaroo” add-on that we installed in step one under “Add-ons” –> then click on Flubaroo and enable Flubaroo on this sheet. A notice will tell you that Flubaroo has been enabled. Close the pop-up window.
Next, go back to your Google Form –> select preview mode –> and then take your own assessment with all of the right answers. This will become your answer key within Flubaroo. Note: Flubaroo requires that 2 or more people take the assessment/complete the Google Form prior to Flubaroo “grading” the assignment. So, it is highly recommended that you take your own assessment and then have your students take it.
Once a minimum of 2 people have taken the assessment, go back to your Google Sheet (which you can now find separate from the Google Form in your Google Drive). You will see the responses on the sheet, but we want to activate Flubaroo so that it’s auto grading and reading the responses. So click “add-ons” –> then “Flubaroo” –> then “grade assignment”. From here, designate the question types according to what they are. Google tries to auto-fill this, but make sure you check it over. For example, if you ask a question in which students enter their name, email address, or class period, make sure you designate this as “identifies student”. Flubaroo requires that you have a MINIMUM of 1 question that identifies the student. For the ones that you want Flubaroo to grade, including short answer, select “normal grading” –> then hit “next.”
In step 2, find your submitted answers and designate this as the “answer key.” Pro tip: It’s probably worth signifying “teacher copy” as your name when you take your own assessment so that you can easily find it. Flubaroo will generate a separate spreadsheet attached to the original called “grades.” This will show student grades, percentages, etc.
Note: When creating short answer responses, Flubaroo grade in a case-insensitive manner. Meaning, as long as the way it is typed matches how you typed in the answer, it will be correct, regardless of capitalization. Which brings me to the most important part! When you take your own assessment, how you type your answer or the answer you give in the short answer question is what the students will have to type in order to get it correct.
Hope this helps!

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