Tech Tip Tuesday: Shorten URL’s with Google’s URL Shortener


Have a long link and want to shorten it? Wish there was a really REALLY quick way to do that? Similar to, Google has its own URL shortener that can be added as an extension to your Chrome Web Browser and can shorten the URL to anything on the web with the click of a button. These links can be sent out, pasted on top of a presentation or document, or made accessible via a QR code. Here’s how to do this:

  1. To access Google’s URL shortener you can go to OR you can download the Chrome extension here!
  2. Once the extension is added to your URL toolbar, you should see a green and gray symbol appear (this is the Google extension you just added).
  3. Click on the extension to automatically shorten the current window screen you have open.
  4. A menu will open with the shortened link as well as a few other options. This extension will ALSO automatically create a QR code for this link that you shortened, that you can copy, print out, or paste into another document/website. Here is what the menu will look like:

5. If you go to– this links to your google account and keeps track of ALL shortened URL’s you have created as well as QR codes for each, analytics, and data.

Hope this helps!


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