Tech Tip Tuesday: 2 Great Tools to Use with Youtube


Here are two practical tools/tips for using Youtube videos in the classroom. ViewPure and Tubechop work in different ways. One removes distractions and links from the video and the other cuts the video to a specific section! Great tool for you and your students! 

If the other videos surrounding the video of your choosing in Youtube is a distraction, ViewPure allows you to watch Youtube videos without the right sidebar filled with video content on the side. With ViewPure, you search for the Youtube video that you are looking for either by a search term (as you would in Youtube) or by pasting the URL into the search. Another neat feature is the “Purify” button. On the ViewPure website, you can drag the button onto your Bookmarks bar. When searching for a video in Youtube, find and select the video, then when the video loads in its own screen- press the “Purify” button on your Bookmarks bar. This will clean up the videos/links surrounding the video you want to show!

TubeChop is a great tool to be able to show a portion or segment of a Youtube video without the rest of the video. This tool gives you the opportunity to “chop” or “clip” a section of the video from any Youtube video and share it with others via a link or embed code. You can also select a start and end time to correlate with what you specifically want to show! All you have to do is go to the Tubechop website  and paste the URL to the Youtube video you want to use in the search bar. When the video loads, drag the start and end bars to where the segment you want to show specifically is (you also have the option to leave a comment/note about the section) and then click the “chop it” button. The video will then load with the specific section of the video and options to share the video via a link or embed code.

Pro-Tip! Take your “chopped” video and embed it into Schoology as an assignment! Copy the embed code on the last screen and follow the embed instructions to embed in Schoology found in one of the previous Tech Tips.

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