Tech Tip Tuesday: Sync Google Drive to Schoology


Did you know that you can sync and attach Google Drive to Schoology? This way, students can submit their work right from their Google Drive and you can upload/attach/embed  files to your Schoology assignments. Here is how you and your students can sync Google Drive to your Schoology account.

First, at the top of your Schoology window select the “resources” –> “Apps.” Next, click “install apps” from the middle column. In the pop-up window that follows, check off any box next to the app(s) that you want to install and sync to your account. (Tip: You can also sync the following apps to Schoology as well: Youtube, Khan Academy, Evernote, Dropbox, etc). Now click “install.” Google Drive should open a pop-up window asking for permission to access your account/drive. This is ok as Schoology and Google need to sync across each other’s interface. Allow this!

Whichever app(s) you installed should now show up under the “my resources” column. Select “Google Drive” (if not already opened) and the right column should now open with all of your folders and/or files from your Google Drive. From this you can: open a file or folder that you want (which opens it in Google Drive on the web), create a new folder/doc/sheet/slide/drawing, or import the document as a file or link (to do this place the check next to the document you want to select and the “import” button will appear next to “add resources.” These are the same steps you want your students to follow if you want them to sync their Google Drive accounts to their Schoology. 

Next, to have students submit work from their Google Drive simply have them click “submit” in your assignment –> “resources” –> “apps” –> “Google Drive” –> select the file they want by placing a check in the box next to the file –> then “import” –>
“import file.”

Pro Tip: When creating an assignment in Schoology, don’t just insert the link or attach a file, instead, embed it! If it is in your Google Drive simply create an assignment as usual but then click the “insert content” button –> “Google Drive” –> check the file you want to embed –> “import” –> “import embed.”

Hope this helps!

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