Tech Tip Tuesday: Organize Your Google Drive


Our new “tech tip” covers a better way to stay organized with student work and how students share documents with you from their Google Drive. If you are like me, you like everything to be compartmentalized and organized. But, with so much going on, and things being shared left and right, stuff often gets disorganized and goes “missing” in our Google Drives. Here is how to best go about staying organized and creating and sharing Google Drive folders with other staff and students. I’m going to use the teachers perspective with this one and show you how I would do this, but feel free to apply this approach to any job description.

The first thing you want to do is to head over to your Google Drive via the Google “Rubiks Cube” often located in the top right corner of the Chrome web browser or go to

Depending on how many classes you teach, create 1 folder for each class in your Google Drive by clicking the blue “new” button in the upper left corner of the screen. I always titled them using the naming convention- Period (#), A or B.

Next, have you students in each class create a folder for your class. I had my students use the following descriptor: period, Last name, First name. This step is really important as it sets the tone for your organization.

Inside this new folder, have them create a folder for each thing you may need. For example, I had students create a folder called “Journals”, one called “Writing”, and one called “Projects”. Feel free to do what works for you.

Now is the key tip: Have your students go to the main folder (the first one they created), right click on the folder and select “share.” Have them type in your Gmail address along with giving you “editing rights.” What does this do? Everything students drop in any of the other folders within this “head” folder will automatically be shared with you, along with you having access to edit or comment on anything the students are working on in your class. You no longer need to go feeding through your “shared with me” folder to search for something. Even if you are using Schoology and/or Google Classroom for students to submit work (which I did), this worked wonders in getting less email and affording me the opportunity to jump in any student doc at any time, to help them along the way.

Make sure you take these folders that the students shared with you, and drag and drop them to the respective class folders you created in the first step.

Stay Golden!

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