Tech Tip Tuesday: Doing More with Gmail Labs


Today’s tech tip features some of the amazing tools found in Gmail labs. The “labs” can be found by clicking on the settings “gear” icon –> “settings.” Across the top are tabs in blue. Select “labs” to enter the menu.

Labs is a testing ground where people can design and test new programs and features to work with Gmail. Scroll down the list and if you see something that will help, check the “enable” bullet to turn this feature/tool on and then scroll to the bottom and click “save.” When you go back to your inbox the feature should be readily available (if not, refresh your inbox). Some features work within other contexts of your inbox, such as composing an email using Canned Responses.

Looking for me to tell you which ones you should consider? Check out the following Gmail labs:

  1. Google Calendar Widget (attaches your Google Calendar to the left of your inbox). When you enable and save, you will notice 3 buttons (the fallen snowman) at the bottom left of your inbox. Click that and the calendar widget will open.
  2. Unread Message Icon– (quickly shows you how many unread messages are in your inbox under your Gmail tab). This tool only works with the Chrome and Firefox web browsers.
  3. Green Robot!– (places a robot next to a person’s name in the chat pane, letting you know if they are chatting from a mobile device or computer).
  4. Canned Responses– If you send similar emails out daily or weekly, it saves your responses in the “compose email” window to attach for next time.

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