Tech Tip Tuesday: How to Embed Content in Schoology


Our second “tech tip” covers embedding content into Schoology. Schoology does a fantastic job working with embed codes, affording you the ability to insert or embed other programs into your materials. Many different apps and programs create their own embed codes from within. The embed code can usually be found by clicking the “share” icon (usually upper right). You just copy and paste and Schoology does the rest of the work.

 Here is how to quickly embed a Quizlet in a Schoology assignment. Google now streamlines directly into Schoology so you don’t need a workaround to do those. To embed Quizlet simply: open your Quizlet “study sets” and select the set you want to use –> click “more” in the upper right side –> then click “embed” –> and click into the box of any of the embed codes (I always do flash cards) and copy it. Don’t worry, you will have the other options as well. 

Go back to Schoology, open your course, and click on the assignment you created. In the description box, use the toolbar/rich text editor to select the “insert content” icon. Click that then –> click “image/media” –> then click “from the web” –> click “media” –> then paste the code you copied from Quizlet into the box next to “link.” Now click insert media to finish. 

You will see a yellow box appear in your Schoology assignment. Feel free to add directions above or below it or modify its size. Make sure you select  “category” (I just do “ungraded”) and click “save changes.” The Quizlet set will load, and you have the option to change study mode in the bottom right corner.

Here are other things you can embed in Schoology: Padlet, Google Maps, NPR Radio/Podcasts, PollEverywhere, Geogebra, and much more!

If you find more programs, let me know!

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