Every Tuesday I will be posting a quick “Tech Tip.” These will be short, straight to the point, tips that you can utilize.

Our first “Tech Tip” of the school year features a way to convert tests and/or quizzes from a Word or Google Doc, directly to a Schoology assessment. Here’s how…

The College of South Idaho created this simple but awesome tool that converts your quiz or test in Word and/or Google Docs to Blackboard files (the file type that the Schoology assessment creator uses). Here is the website with information on how to layout your questions. Here is the link to the tool that generates Blackboard files.

All you have to do is 1) Open your test or quiz in Word or Google Docs, and copy and paste the questions and answers into the tool above. 2) Delete any spaces between the questions and answers (make sure the answers are all on separate lines) 3) Put an asterisk to the “right” of the answer that is the correct one. 4) Click “create quiz” at the bottom of the tool. 5) After the file is created click “here” at the bottom of the screen to download the file. 6) Go to Schoology and create a new quiz/test. 7) Click to “Add a Question” but in the dropdown select “Import Test /Quiz”. 8) Select Blackboard 7.1-9.0 and click “next”. 9) Select the file you just downloaded. Voila! You now do not have to retype/create all of the questions into Schoology separately.

Hope this tip comes in handy!

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