New Updates!

shutterstock_95596633-300x201A number of updates have been made to our site. First- working with a few colleagues from our district, I have incorporated a “How-To Videos and Tutorials” page under the Teacher Resources tab located at the top. Peruse should you be looking for a guided tutorial. Videos will range from using ed tech programs to registering for professional development in MyLearningPlan.

I have also added a “Virtual Labs in Sciences” page under the Teacher Resources tab as well. This will gradually be added to, but I wanted to create a one-stop-shop for our science teachers to access different simulations.

The “Professional Development” includes a constantly updated list of out-of-district conferences as well as access to MyLearningPlan and Schoology.

Various other pages on the site have been added to and I cleaned up the formatting/organization as well.

I want this site to be organic and built from within. Please share anything you think that would be valuable to our staff. The more we add and remove (should certain programs etc. not be used) the more tailored this site will be to our district.


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