New Google Slides Update


Google has recently updated Slides to incorporate two new features: Q & A Session and a built-in laser pointer. The benefit of this is utilizing this slide as a “backchannel chat” in the classroom.

Here is how it works… In the background of a presentation, the Q & A Session stays active, affording the students a place to post any and all questions they may have. The slide will automatically compile the list of questions (that the teacher can go over at the end of the presentation/class) and allows students the opportunity to “upvote” the questions they agree with or would most like answered, similar to Reddit. You can find the update by going into “presenter view” in a Google Slide and turning Q & A Session “on” in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

Google has also incorporated a new “laser pointer” feature for those presenting from a computer. This can be turned on the same way the Q & A Session can. Presenters can “point” at a particular spot on the screen and it will mimic this with a red “laser” on the overhead view for the students.

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